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It's Time!

Originally created on Carlton Blues by Debby Palti - Blues Editor.

Well, it’s here. The time has come.  It starts. In two days’ time, Melbourne will vibrate with the sound of thumping feet, joyous (and sometimes angry) cheers.  Sirens, chants, clapping, cheering, booing, crying, jubilation, sadness and the sound of whistles.  Yep, the drought has broken as we settle into the start of what will be a MEGA match, for the beginning of the AFL 2018 season - Carlton vs Richmond.  

In terms of Carlton, going by what has been seen in the JLT series, every Carlton supporter should and must block out the negative noise coming from others, and realize the incredible growth the club has done since last season.  No supporter should look at where we are now and dismiss it. Last year at this time, during the JLT series, we were pummelled, we gave up and did not have the stamina to fight back.  This year, even with the loss of Dochers (and Gibbs), we have shown that we are not the same team as last year. 

Do not underestimate what the club has done over the off-season in terms of instilling a sense of willingness for success, stamina and an attitude that it is a requirement to put everything on the field during a game.  We have seen the new players step it up and take the reins of what is available to them. 

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This season, the Carlton FC will once again, stump the doubters and shove the nay-sayers to the back of the line.  For I really believe that in 2018, every supporter will see an incredible growth in the playing group. We are on the right track to becoming a great club again.  2018 will see the rise of the Carlton FC, not a meteoric one, for that does not ensure longevity at the top, but the club will rise. I for one cannot wait. For win, lose or draw, Carlton is on the march and I will be there, with every single kick of the ball.


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