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Member vs Supporter - there is a difference!

Originally created on Carlton Blues by Debby Palti - Blues Editor.

On Social Media, there are some who are posting that they need to be convinced to become a member of their respective club, Carlton included because they don’t live in Victoria so would not be able to get to many, if any games at all.  While I agree that living in another state can make you wonder whether getting a membership or not is worthwhile or even important, However, if you are questioning this, then it is much more than whether to get a membership or not.  It is a matter of being affiliated, being part of the club that you love. 

If you are just a supporter and not a member, sure you can attend games when they come to your state, but you are not really part of the club, you are on the fringe. You are that person who supports but doesn’t really commit. Being part of a club, a member means just that…MEMBER! You are part of the growth, part of highs and lows that make a footy club.  You become part of the culture of the club, the valued unseen person who is part of the process of making a club, a union of like-minded people all there for one thing and one thing only – success.  You are part of the inner circle of a club, because, without you, there is no club.

You cannot be part of that if you are just a supporter and not a member.  I understand that sometimes financial issues stop some from taking that step, but clubs, Carlton included have packages that will suit whatever needs you have.  The club not only wants your financial support but that you are now a part of the club.

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Carlton has one of the biggest supporter bases in the AFL, but one of the lowest memberships, why? Why should performance on the field be the determinant factor in deciding to take that step and become a member?  Being a member means that you are there for the club, through thick and thin and you are not just some fickle supporter who won’t take that step when the club is languishing at the bottom and just maybe walk away.

Being able to be a part of the club when it is down and out, shows great character in the belief that no matter what, you are there for that club.  Sure, you may disagree, have gripes or even not be happy with the people in the club, with some of them, but that is not why you support the team – right?

I support the Carlton Football Club.  I support what is the essence of the Navy Blues. I love the people there, the ones I have met and I don’t always agree with them, but that does not mean that I think any less of the club or them.  People come and go, it is what we make of the ones that are there, that will determine what type of club we have right now.

You shouldn’t need an invitation from the club, or be convinced to become a member, you should just want to do it, because no matter what, you want to be part of the club and its journeys.  You can’t really do that if you don’t join and become a member.

No matter in what capacity, become a member of the Carlton Football Club. Be a part of this incredible journey that this club is now on. Be a part of this because you love this club not from a distance but from being right there at Ikon Park, no matter if you live in the furthest part of the Northern Territory or Western Australia.  Be a part of it. For then you will know that when the time comes and Carlton gets all the glory it has been building up, you will be a part of that in every sense of the word.


P.S No I don’t work for Carlton, just someone who believes that being a supporter, a real supporter involves being a member.

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