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Thanks Gibbsy...future is looking good Blue Baggers!

Originally created on Carlton Blues by Debby Palti - Blues Editor.

In 2006 a player known as Bryce Gibbs joined the illustrious club, Carlton.  He became a firm favourite not only in the club but with supporters as well.  After 11 years of great service to the club, he now leaves it, heading back home to Adelaide and joins that club. There are mixed emotions from a lot of people, both good and bad, but let’s be realistic here.

Gibbsy is going to be 29 next year.  Realistically he will not be part of Carlton’s final push for a Premiership.  That is the reality.  We now, after many years of wallowing in the quagmire of mediocrity and sometimes shit, the footy world is starting to take notice of the club and what it is producing.  No-one should look at this year’s wins/losses, we have to look further than that.

This year our losing margin was by far less than what it was last year.  We had five Rising Star nominations who will, given another pre-season and more senior game time, be major factors in the rise of the club. We now have the capacity to get players in to fill Gibbsy’s void and who are young enough to ensure longevity and can be moulded and trained to suit our requirements.

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I have stated before this trade period that I didn’t want Gibbs to go and that he won’t go unless it was for something significant, and the trade is significant. It favours us in the long-run.  We now can trade to get the players we want to the club and for future trades for next year’s draft, which looks to be a real cracker. 

I would like to say thanks Gibbs for what you have brought to the club and for the service you have given it.  I wish you nothing but success in Adelaide, but not against us.  It is now time for Carlton fans to look to the future and to see that we are now on a path that will lead us up the ladder.


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