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Let's Panic...NAB Trade Period!

Originally created on Carlton Blues by Debby Palti - Blues Editor.

You know that time in a year when it is nearing Easter or Christmas and the shops are going to be closed for one day during that period, and there is panic buying at the supermarkets; as if the world is coming to an end and people forget that there are some places that will have milk, bread and the essentials - chocolate, well the NAB Trade Period has that similar reaction in some supporters.

Here we are at the end of the first week of the Trade Period, and I would have to say, categorically, that there are people out there in AFL land who simply have no clue about what it takes to make a club on the bottom rise to the top.  They are so upset and concerned about the lack of players choosing Carlton as their destination that they are ready to slug SOS, tell him he’s no good and to pull his finger out. Just going to say it, OMFG!

Let’s get a few things straight here. I don’t give a monkey’s rats behind if players during this period choose Carlton or not as their destination. I don’t care. I am not interested in players who have been in the system either for a few years or longer, choose to go to a club that is not Carlton. 

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Why the hell is it so important to some that Carlton just sling everything they have into the Trade Period and get what in essence players we just don’t want? Why the hell is it so imperative that Carlton is so active during the Trade Period just to appease those supporters who are not seeing the bigger picture?

What is it that every player, every coach, every administrator and every supporter of Carlton want? A Premiership! The ability to have a team that plays in finals not just for one year, but for many years.

I don’t want Carlton to be a club that is like Fremantle, or St. Kilda or even the Western Bulldogs, who put everything into their team to get them to play in finals and win one (in the Bulldogs case), then bomb out the next. I want to be the Hawthorn, the Sydney, the Geelong – I want to be the club that plays in finals for a long time and hopefully in that time, win one or two. THAT is what I want. But this will never be achieved if we go down the path of just doing what some are saying we should do, just trade in the Trade Period.

I want to get players that have a long-term capacity for the Carlton. That can be molded, shaped, groomed and trained to play long-term footy for a long-term gain.  I want the players that are like the five who were nominated in one year in the NAB Rising Star! That is what I want.

If this means going to the Draft period and not getting anyone from the Trade Period, so be it.  We have to stop analyzing the ‘whys and wherefores’ of whether or not a player from another club chooses another club to go to other than Carlton.  We have to understand the process.

Some are saying they are not patient enough to wait. Fine, no problem, just don’t be part of the celebration that happens when Carlton achieve what they have been building since the start of 2016. So stop it with the posts of “I’m frustrated that Carlton isn't being proactive in the Trade Period,” or that “Why aren’t players choosing Carlton?”.  You don’t know what is being discussed behind the scenes and you never will.

Be patient, be supportive and just know that SOS and the team are doing everything possible to ensure that Carlton will become a major force in the future.  Stop listening to the drivel by media personnel who have to say something to fill in airtime. Stop thinking that the only way for Carlton to become great again is to trade, trade, trade.

We want quality. We want ability and we want the capacity to field a team that puts fear into the opposition.  It started this year, it will continue.


P.S And while I'm at it, I completely agree that we should not give up our pick 3 in the Draft just to secure a player from another club, to get to our club, whoever it may be...unless it's Dusty Martin, Buddy, (you get the drift)!

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