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This writer is angry...and it's not from the match!

Originally created on Carlton Blues by Debby Palti - Blues Editor.

I’m not going to go in-depth about the loss on Saturday night against Geelong, only to say, we are a young team that has had to start a “re-start” button not once in ten years, but twice and these have been in the past five years.  The game on the whole, was well, a little bit boring, but it is a vital game for those players who are still in the process of learning the senior game in all its glory and failures.

Young players need time to understand the nuances of the game at a senior level. Simple.   The easiest thing for a young player is to be part of a winning team, all the time, but it doesn’t make the player one that can overcome obstacles when the game is not in their favour. How does a player who is part of a continual winning team find the depth in their mind to dig deep, persevere and win against the odds?  How does a player who only knows a win be able to turn it around when they are losing?

The  simple fact is that Carlton have for the first time in the past five years have a solid, concrete resolve to disregard the previous year’s faults, mistakes in coaching, players, and to start from scratch.  This they have stated, done and are doing.  Why are there those who don’t see this?  Why are they looking short-term and not long-term? Why are there those that say they are pulling their membership, their support both as a supporter or financially because they are just not understanding the process to get this club back on top?

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Let’s be quite clear here, the majority of supporters know and understand that Carlton were never going to be a top eight team or even one that might be further up the ladder than last year.  Bolts and the coaching staff are doing exactly what they said last year, that they would be doing. They are grooming the young players to be able to play in all matter of circumstances and with this it takes time and experience. 

We cannot be a club that looks for the short-term gain to satisfy those that are far too impatient to understand the process. It took Hawthorn years to become the team they are now and they are proving that the process to achieve this greatness takes time.  They didn’t achieve this in one year or two, and now look at what they are doing.  Are some Carlton supporters so arrogant that they believe that this should not apply to them, because they support Carlton?

Yes we have heard the “re-build” comment for a while, but did any coach really do this? No. Bolts and his team are for the first time in a long time actually putting their words into action.  For the first time in a long time, I am actually excited to see what the future will be for the club with the group of young players that we have.  To turn around and begrudge the club for actually stating this and actioning this means that you, the supporter don’t really understand the process to make a club great. 

I don’t want short-term gain I want long-term gain. I want Carlton to be where Hawthorn is now, where Sydney are, Geelong, they are all clubs that have been successful in the long-term, why should we want to be any different?

Carlton supporters who don’t see this don’t understand the modern day footy world.  It angers me that Essendon through a drug scandal, had supporters who did exactly that, support the club. It angers me that Richmond supporters who have been ninth and the joke the AFL for a while, have supporters who do exactly that, support. Why is it that Carlton supporters can’t even manage to stick with the club when it is on the down? 

Either support the club no matter what, or really, leave.  I am proud to be a Carlton supporter and member, no matter what, no matter where.  If you cannot support the club when it is going through tough times, then you have no right to be a supporter when the times are great, and as Bolts has said, patience. We will see success, we will see glory, have faith in the club and it’s younger players who as media commentators have stated, have players who will be stars in the next few years. 


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