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A Little Bit of Perspective Please!

Originally created on Carlton Blues by Debby Palti - Blues Editor.

After the match on Sunday in Brisbane, a photo appeared on social media of a “supporter” burning his AFL membership card saying he is done with Carlton and their so-called re-build and the need to be patient. On another post in social media, another “supporter” said that Bolts is done for that his so-called “spin” has been found out and that he will be getting the sack.

Both of these “supporters” have no real clue about what Carlton are trying to build for the future, not the now THE FUTURE.  Put things into perspective here.  There were a few players that went missing in the first half and during the game, but we are missing a few players due to injury that are vital for our depth on the field.

We are missing the powerhouse of Crippa. We are missing the dynamism of Alex Silvagni in the backline shooting up everywhere putting the fear into any opposition player. We are missing the very presence of Ed Curnow who down in the midfield is a force that the opposition try to get away from. With these players, vital players missing it makes the club look to not only to those players that are on the fringe of continuing their careers are Carlton, but young players who need more senior game experience to become great seasoned players, and some of them are out injured.

Jack Silvagni played more in the backline, why well because Bolts and his team have stated all along that the club wants to develop a team that can plug any holes left opened due to injuries or worse case, suspensions.  Given that this year is still a year of re-build, and to those who don’t see this, should really take note of what the club stated before the season started.  We saw the emergence of Harry McKay who I must say, given his first senior game, will prove to be all that we expect him to be.  He showed composure and persistence in a game that was frustrating to say the least. Sam Petrevski-Seton played a great game and with a few more senior games and an intense pre-season, he will become an amazing player for us, but this take time.

Without a doubt there were players who just frustrated the hell out of me, because they played a brand of footy that I do not like, selfish playing or they just didn’t try hard enough.  I have no issue with a player who goes for the ball, plays with all his guts and then, well misses the mark, they are trying. I have with players who play for themselves or who just sit on the edge of the play in front of them and do, well, nothing.

Supporters such as the ones mentioned above look at last year’s outcomes and compares it to this year and wonder why we have not performed as well.  The reality is that we know from the beginning that we are rebuilding and that other clubs around us have been rebuilding prior to us and are therefore ahead of us in this respect.

We have a team of stars in the making and with a few more tweaks, we will have the team that in the next few years will become a team that will make headlines for the right reasons. Dermott Brereton stated that in the next two years Charlie Curnow will be the biggest star in the AFL world and he is showing with every game that he plays how true Brereton’s statement is.  Why do we expect anything less from the other younger players?

I don’t want a group of players who are stars the moment they step on the field, that doesn’t allow for growth and to learn the nuances of the game to ensure longevity.  I want players who have the potential to be long-term, outright stars of the game and for the club. This takes TIME! We are not getting slaughtered on the field as we were last year, we are missing chances, letting our guard down, but we are not getting slaughtered. 

For those supporters who believed that it only takes a short time to get the club back on track to becoming a successful, winning team, have no real idea of what it takes to do this.  Of how the process to become this type of team takes time to mould.  We don’t want short term gains for short term wins, we want long term gains for long term wins.  If those supporters who state that Bolts must be sacked or resort to burning their membership, go ahead, stop supporting the club, for you cannot say with any conviction when the time comes to celebrate in the final outcome of this rebuild that you were always there. You cannot yell with euphoria when the club shows the footy world the type of team they had been building and start to become a team feared. 

So please, go ahead, burn your memberships, criticize, berate, do what you want, because I know that in a few years times Carlton will be the team that the footy world will fear. I will be right there supporting them as I always have done, along with others who believe that the future looks damn awesome and know that to make that happen, it takes time to make this happen.  We are not the arrogant club we were years ago, we are a modern day footy club that sees its future in a long term success.  I would much rather have that than a short term gain for a long term bomb.


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