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Tippett - not a good fit for Carlton!

Originally created on Carlton Blues by Debby Palti - Blues Editor.

Every year about this time, speculation mounts as to who is going to leave, who is staying, who gets re-signed and who moves to another club.  I know that given the climate of free agency, restricted or not, this will always be the case.  What is quite funny is the talk about a few Carlton players being traded for other players.  Case being the trade of Kurt Tippett to Carlton by trading, as some have suggested, Levi Casboult.

For the life of me I cannot understand why some would say this was a great idea! I mean TIppett has not played a full season since 200! He is 30 years old and moves like a stilted giraffe. The very idea that we need to have one person down in the forward line to kick the goals and not to move anywhere else on the field is fraught with danger.

The modern game has changed and Tippett is not a player who has really changed with it.  Casboult on the other hand has adapted to the modern game and is seen as someone who can not only move around the ground, but be a backup ruckman for the Big Man, Kruez. Sure, he needs to grow more in his shot at goals but that is not where Casboult’s ability now lies.  He is great around the ground marking the ball then sending it down towards the goal square. 

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On Footy Classified, Charlie Curnow was likened to the magnificent Anthony Koutoufides.  His ability to mark the ball, kick it and score grows better and better every single game that he plays.  He needs to develop more and along with the yet tested Harry McKay, he will become a dynamic player with the ability to read the ball, the play and kick goals.  Tippett does not fit in with this scenario at Carlton, Casboult does. Tippett is too much of a selfish player to fit in at Carlton, Casboult is not.

As the season is only seven weeks away from the end, and the Finals campaigns begin, we need to ask ourselves, given the progress the club has made, do we want a player who is rife with injury, does not move freely around the ground, but is handy sometimes down in the forward line, could possibly be a ruck player, at Carlton? My answer, is a resounding NO, we have players who are just stepping into the senior AFL limelight and untold potential. We have players who with their maturity can do all that Tippett can’t and any discrepancy in the goal area, can be overcome with these young players. 


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