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Dear Footy Show & Rebecca Madden.

Originally created on Carlton Blues by Debby Palti - Blues Editor.

Dear Footy Show,

On Thursday night, 4th May, 2017 you sank to a new low and to prove to the footy loving world that this show is irrelevant and totally out of touch with reality. 

The debacle of Sam Newman eating a Carlton guernsey was totally ridiculous, even though we know it was not a real guernsey.  But the epitome of how irrelevant you really are being Rebecca Madden’s comment about abolishing the banners that the players run through.

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The comment was that it was cheap, and that $2 crepe paper brought down the look of the game.  How utterly, mind boggling idiotic of a statement was that! You literally have no idea what you are talking about. When was the last time you looked, really up close to a banner? Have you any idea what they are actually made from or the hours of work put in by supporters who feel a great connection to their respective clubs? Do you know what it takes to not only make those banners, but what it means to both supporters and players?

I actually thought that you would bring the Footy Show back to some semblance of integrity which it has lost over the years.  But this statement proves that this show has not changed.  As a Carlton supporter, I can honestly say that the show had integrity and was first and foremost a show about footy when Eddie McGuire was there.  It has degenerated.  

This week we saw the passing of a truly great supporter and lover of the game, who epitomised larrikin Aussie values and a sheer love and respect not only for the game, but for everyone around him, no matter who they supported, Lou Richards.  When he was on the Sunday Footy Show a lot of people would get up and watch that show because of what it portrayed and the way it was portrayed.  The lighter side of footy, its people and its supporters.  You are nowhere near that level.

The Footy Show is a sad performance of a group of people in a show that has lost its mojo, is so out of touch and completely irrelevant.  Rebecca Madden, your comment about the banners just proves this. I’m sure that all Cheer Squads and all players who enjoy the build-up of making those banners that are not 99% of the time made from crepe paper, or running through them, realise that you have no credibility at all in the footy world, those that love the game.

Yours sincerely.

A Cheer Squad-Banner-making supporter.


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