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Dear Media Commentators and others who didn't believe...

Originally created on Carlton Blues by Debby Palti - Blues Editor.

Dear Media Commentators, Journos and all those who just didn’t get it,

This week all of you have come out and either apologised, stated that you were wrong and backtracked on your un-deniable self-belief in your own viewpoint that Carlton were going to be scrambling at the bottom of the ladder and that Brendon Bolton is not the man to get the Blues back to the top.

That for the past few months you have doubted, been uniformed and just generally thought that you knew better than those who really do. There are pages in the newspapers saying “we apologise”. On TV you have stated that you were wrong.  That you misjudged the players and the coaches’ abilities.

From all Carlton supporters who knew better than you obviously do, this just shows that you are not the commentators that you think you are.  Your biasness, your uninformed comments just show Carlton supporters that you just know, well not much really.

You have backtracked on putting down a club that from the very onset was in a re-build stage. That it was a club that really didn’t care what you said or thought, because we knew. The supporters knew what you didn’t.  We believed in what you didn’t.

We, the supporters who were proud to stand behind the club and the changes that have been made since Bolts took over, together with SOS and the rest of the coaching team knew what this year was going to be and the players that were going to start their career at the Blues. We knew that it would take time, that with experience and the balance of both new and seasoned players that the rise of the Carlton FC will begin.

So now you have come out and apologised, well as I have stated before, words mean nothing, actions do.  Do we accept your backtracking and apologies, well in theory yes, in practice not really because at the end of the day, we really don’t care what you say. In the end it is what Carlton will show you that we care about.

For us supporters who never gave up, who every week go to the games, or who watch from around Australia and around the world.  For those who have stood by the club, we say bring it on, say what you want, we are Bound By Blue and We Are The Navy Blues.


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