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Give them time!

Originally created on Carlton Blues by Debby Palti - Blues Editor.

Now that Carlton got beaten by Gold Coast, people are deriding and criticising not only the young players but also the decisions of the coaches and Bolts.  I didn’t get to watch the game or even go to due to prior commitment, but I did get to listen and watch Bolts after match comments.  I have to agree with everything he is saying and what his long-term game plan is for the club.

Supporters wanted him to play the youngsters, he did and then he gets bombarded with comments from those very same supporters stating that they are useless.  What Bolts and his team are doing requires one thing these supporters don’t have, patience. 

Clarkson did not get Hawthorn to four premierships overnight and it will not happen overnight for Carlton.  What the majority of supporters want are players who every week play for the guernsey and learn and grow with each senior game played.  That is exactly what is happening.

There are supporters who are complaining about Charlie Curnow. He is 20 years old, played in a few games in 2016 and three this season, is still learning and yet there are those who deem him to be part of the reason why the team lost.  Fisher played his first senior game and from the start he has shown what he will be capable of in the future, given more game time. It is the case with all the younger players, Silvagni included.

Young players need experience, a lot of experience. They need to encounter many obstacles and by playing more senior game time, will gain a knowledge of how to overcome them.  They need this together with playing with senior players in the side.

We all want to see Carlton blitzing it on the field and we are all tired of listening to the negativity shown by the so-called unbiased commentators. We want to see Carlton become the club we know want them to become, great again.  It will happen, but it will take time.

Don’t deride, blame or find fault in the very youngsters who hold the future of the club in their hands.  They need time, experience and patience.  Most of all they need our support.


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