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Essendon Tapes...enough already!

Originally created on Carlton Blues by Debby Palti - Blues Editor.

So the Herald Sun has published, nay, splashed on the front of the newspaper taped meeting between the major players in the Essendon drug scandal. I'm not a fan of Essendon, by no means, but c'mon give it a rest already! What are we supposed to glean from this "in-your-face headline"? Is it referencing anything radically new that we, the footy loving world didn't know before? And who cares now about the musings and mouthing off officials getting caught with their footy pants down! Or is it just words spouted from those trying to justify their next move with the AFL? And quite frankly people hear and believe what they want to hear and believe and interpret what they want to interpret.

The only interesting aspect of his article and the recording, and yes I did read the transcript, was the line about Jobe Watson. That made me laugh because here we have a group of people who believe that Jobe was the second coming, the golden child (that Hird was once). That how dare they attack Jobe! I mean really out of the lot of them, Jobe, in my view, handled it better than any of them and I have more respect for the way he handled the whole situation than those that really should know better and look out for the club than themselves.

I mean who cares what was said during a very dynamite situation when emotions were running hot and angry.  What this article in the Herald Sun really proves is nothing really, because it is old news, not a Watergate scandal revelation. To have it on the front page of what is a leading newspaper of a time that for everyone involved in AFL as either a player, coach, administrator or supporter, was an unhappy period, that was trialed, judged and sentence served, re-hash again, that really proves nothing that we don’t already know, is a bit silly really.  It is nothing more than a ploy to sell newspapers, sensationalized an old story and really proves nothing.

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Let it go.  Let it lie. Enough already. I don’t like the Essendon FC for what they did to a sport I love and I don’t have much respect for those who just could not admit to the world that they had done the wrong thing, but unless something new is discovered, there are far better front page newsworthy articles than this.


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