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Footy Is Back!

Originally created on Carlton Blues by Debby Palti - Blues Editor.

So, it has come! The start of footy for 2017 and two things are becoming very apparent.  Firstly, how exciting is it that the Women’s League begins on Friday 3rd February, 2017 at the home of Carlton, Ikon Park.  Secondly, now begins the innuendos, the speculations, the calling from very biased so-called journalists who were footy players and now show their complete and utter ignorance of anything to do with commentating footy!

I love this game and would have loved to have been in the position that these privileged females are in to run out onto a footy field, in AFL team colours, representing their team and playing in an arena that is just the same one as the males.  How amazing will it be for these players to run out on to a ground, filled with supporters of both sides, cheering them on!  It is a really exciting time to witness, and I would have loved to have been where they are now. 

However, through this exciting time, there is always those that can’t see past their own biasness and ignorance of what it means to be a valid and respected commentator of this game. Yep, talking about Kane Cornes who is his “intelligent musings” of Patrick Cripps, has surmised that Nat Fyffe of Fremantle is going to be at Carlton next year with the trading of Crippsy! 

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Of course we all know that Cornes holds a grudge and especially since last year during the trade period, he reiterated consistently that Gibbs was going to be traded to Adelaide, and BOOM!, he was wrong.  He still cannot believe that his own supposedly knowledgeably knowledge was so incredibly WRONG! 

Let’s get one thing straight. I don’t mind whatsoever a journalist or commentator making suppositions or stating their own opinions on this game or any other sport, it is just that, their opinion, but I draw the line at someone who thinks they know and believe that the radio audience is that stupid to believe him.  We don’t.

So, from the start, let’s just get this crossed off, there is no credibility in what some ex-footballers who believe they can be professionally commentators without any biasness whatsoever.  If they want respect from the footy audience, then stop showing your biasness and be someone who really knows and understands what they are talking about, otherwise all you will be seen is someone who holds a grudge, is bitter and cannot see past their self-importance. 



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